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Combine, retouch and remix your photos. Add color to your old black and white photos. Make what’s bothering you disappear. Or turn a boring background into an exotic paradise. With Photoshop, everyone can.

Now selecting is faster and more accurate than ever, thanks to an easier way to define and adjust hair on people and pets. Plus, you can automatically select a part of your image just by hovering over it and clicking.

Selecting is now faster and more accurate than ever with an easier way to define and adjust the hair of people and pets. In addition, you can automatically select a part of your image by simply hovering over it and clicking.

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of commands Adobe Photoshop has. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 20 Photoshop shortcuts for photographers.Using Photoshop keyboard shortcuts speeds up your editing workflow, so read on. And bookmark this article for future reference.

If there’s one thing Photoshop is known for, it’s its layer-based workflow.You can create a new layer with the shortcut Shift + Ctrl + N (Window) or Shift + Cmd + N (Mac).A dialog panel will appear where you can change the name of the new layer. You also have options such as opacity, color or blend mode.

The Frame tool is used to select areas of an image with a certain shape. Use the shortcut M to access the Rectangular Frame tool, press Shift + M to switch between it and the elliptical shape. Then you can select the desired area in the image.

This is especially useful while working with masks. That’s when you need to paint in either black or white to modify the mask area.It is easy to switch between these two colors by pressing X. The only caveat is that you need to have the background and foreground colors set to black and white.

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New school year, new computer. Back to school (a concept that extends to high school or university) is the moment that many students take advantage of to buy a laptop that will allow them to face the new course with the best tools to overcome it successfully.

But buying a computer for the race is not an easy task because the needs of each student are different. That is why we offer you a shopping guide to find out which laptop fits your needs and your budget.

If your computing activities during your degree include taking notes in a word processor, making papers and presentations, creating tables and graphs, using spreadsheets for basic calculations, searching for information on the Internet, accessing email and, of course, making use of social networks and streaming multimedia content services, you need a computer capable of performing them with solvency.

These are not heavy tasks, so they do not require high specifications in terms of RAM or processor. However, doing several of these tasks at the same time every day for several hours is not the same as using the laptop on an ad hoc basis. Therefore, although it is not necessary to have the most powerful and cutting-edge components on the market, it is desirable that your laptop runs smoothly.

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A family of lossless compression techniques for black-and-white images supported by PDF and PostScript language file formats (CCITT stands for the French abbreviation for the International Telegraph and Telecoding Advisory Committee).

When saving a PSD file, you can set a preference to maximize file compatibility. This saves a composite version of a layered image in the file so that it can be read by other applications, including earlier versions of Photoshop. It also maintains the appearance of the document, in case future versions of Photoshop change the behavior of some features. Compositing also makes it faster to load the image and use it in applications other than Photoshop, and may sometimes be necessary so that other applications can read the image.

(Mac OS) You can use this format to open an image in Photoshop 2.0 or to export an image to an application that only supports Photoshop 2.0 files. When saved in Photoshop 2.0 format, the image is flattened and layer information is discarded.